Senior Manager Pay Statement

Our people are at the heart of our success, as such we recognise the critical importance of providing a range of well- paid skilled jobs and creating a great place to work.

We are proud to be an accredited London Living Wage employer, with the median pay at LondonEnergy standing at £44,680.57 and the ratio between our highest paid executive and our entry level employees is 1:8.

Our mean gender pay gap is higher for women and is currently 22%, the median pay gap is also higher for women standing at 13.8%.  

The percentage in each pay quartile by gender is:

Pay Statement

Our board consists of Non- Executive Directors and some of the LondonEnergy Executive team.

The remuneration for the chair is £32,461.93 per year.  The remuneration for non-executive directors is £14,483.31 per year. The exception for non-executive directors is for officers already employed by north London boroughs on a full time salary, who do not gain added income for this role (currently two borough officers and the Managing Director for the North London Waste Authority).

The pay of our highest paid Director is £237,579.52 ** and the average pay of our Executive Team (consisting of 2 board and 3 non-board directors) is £ 152,857.556.*

*pay includes salary, all bonus payments, and pension contributions and is correct as of April 2022 when bonus payments are made.

** During 2021 the managing director and operations director roles were carried out on an interim basis